In scientific terms, drug therapy is also called pharmacotherapy. The process of treatment of a disease with medicine is called drug therapy. Drugs have a unique quality. They are capable of connecting – connect with the enzymes and receptors in our body to cure or overcome the illness and help them develop an immune system towards the disease. They help in the effective and healthy functioning of our body towards the disease already residing in our body.

There is a detailed research first conducted on the medicines, and then they are advised to the patient. This is done to inform the patients of the possible side effects they can have when combined with certain foods or certain timings.

The medications are of different types. They can be taken in form of pills, syrups or capsules. There are certain types which can be directly injected into the muscles or tissues as well. When it comes down to side effects, the medications do have certain side effects which vary in their intensity, from low to high. They are temporary and the only time they last are till the treatment and after that, it all goes fine and perfect.

Benefits of drug therapy

There are many crystal clear benefits of drug therapy. It can cure many diseases and conditions including many infections. Drug therapy is used for the improvement of wide range of symptoms of many diseases. All the drugs and medications should be consumed after the prescription of the physician.

Diseases treated by drug therapy

Drug therapy claims to treat most of the diseases and medical conditions. The examples of drug therapy are:

  • Antibiotics are used to cure a certain sickness
  • To provide pain relief after a severe accident or surgery
  • To relieve symptoms of depression, antidepressants are used
  • To overcome addiction, short-term or long-term medications are used.
  • Side effects of drug therapy

Almost all the drugs have side effects. They can be read on the side of the bottle in which the drug or medication has been enclosed or wrapped in. Some allergies possible to attack can also be read over the bottle of the drug. Scientists have been trying with experiments from ages, but till date, it is been found impossible for them to
find a medicine or make a drug without any side effect.

Both mental and physical symptoms can be included in the side effect of a drug. Some of the common side effects are found by using almost all types of drugs or medications which include shakiness, drying of mouth, digestive problems, change in weight and sometimes dizziness as well.

Struggles of scientists

3Though it is found very difficult to research, collect data and then end up making a drug but most of the mental disorders have been found to cure with the help of effective drug therapy. Scientists have been trying hard since past 50 years to take the medical industry to an appreciable level where every disease, infection or a symptom can be cured, and mental diseases are one of them. For the use in drug therapy, scientists have always tried to search for natural ingredients or compounds to make up a drug effective enough to overcome almost any type of disease.

In some states of America, the use of marijuana has been declared legal if prescribed by the doctor as it is considered as an effectual natural element to cure a certain ailment.